Jessica and Michael’s Light and Airy Wedding Photography

Congratulations to Jessica and Michael on their wedding! April was the special time of year for this couple to start their forever together and enjoy the light and airy wedding photography! Jessica and Michael have love in their eyes when they look at each other!

First, Jessica and Michael began their memorable day by getting dressed up in their gown and tux. Jessica and all her girlfriends spent the morning in matching robes getting ready for the walk down the aisle.

Next, Jessica put on a glamorous white dress that complemented her so perfectly, while Michael chose to wear a light grey suit making for the ultimate light and airy wedding photography! The bridesmaids matched in their light pink dresses to help the bride stand out even more.

Once everyone was ready, they headed to the ceremony where they tied the knot! Finally, the moment the bride and groom had been waiting for, Jessica walked down the aisle to where Michael looked so ecstatic that the time had come while glancing at her stunning soon to be wife!

The couple exchanged their vows and kissed to finally make it official! They walked down the aisle hand in hand as Mr. and Mrs. Then, they took more pictures as a newly married couple before heading to the reception!

Now it’s time to celebrate! Jessica and Michael chose to have their intimate reception in the comfort of their own home with their closest friends and family! The afternoon began with everyone toasting to the newly married couple! This led into Jessica putting on her new denim jacket with the name Mrs. Maloney on the back, so cute!

Congratulations to Jessica and Michael again on their wedding! We are so excited that we were able to capture this light and airy wedding photography for this beautiful couple!

Check it out here:

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