Caitlyn and Mike’s Wedding at Private Residence

Congratulations Caitlyn and Mike on your special day! This couple tied the knot August 1, 2020 at a private residence in Marlton, NJ! Thanks to Top Rated Wedding Photographers NJ we can celebrate this couple’s special day!

August 1, 2020 began with Caitlyn and Mike getting ready for their special day! After Caitlyn got her hair and makeup done, she slipped into her beautiful, white, elegant wedding gown. She looked so beautiful. Mike put on his sharp, black, classic tuxedo. He looked so handsome! The bridal party gathered at the church and waited for the ceremony to begin.

Soon enough, Caitlyn arrived in a classic, old fashioned car. Caitlyn graciously got out of the car where her father had been awaiting for her. Moments following, Caitlyn proceeded down the aisle to where Mike had awaited. Thanks to Top Rated Wedding Photographers NJ, we could see Mike’s facial expression when he saw his beautiful bride walking towards him. When the couple joined together, the guests took their seats and the ceremony began.

After they were pronounced husband and wife, Caitlyn and Mike celebrated this special moment. Top Rated Wedding Photographers NJ then took beautiful photos of the bridal party and the newly weds outside the church. Then, the couple got into the classic, old fashioned car where they were taken to the reception at their private residence. One of our favorites from that day, is Caitlyn and Mike sitting in the car together, Caitlyn in her wedding gown and Mike in his tux. The couple just looked so happy. They spent the rest of their night with their family and friends that came to celebrate them on their big day.

Congratulations again Caitlyn and Mike on your special day. We hope it was everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be!

Check out their photos here:




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Enchanted Celebrations

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